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Meltdown is an indictment of the Marine Corps, those involved in the killings, the cover-up, and lengthy legal proceedings, and the Uniform Code of Militaryjustice (UCMJ).
It was not revealed why Malia will have a meltdown but the Fashion & Style (http://www.
The utility and the government currently plan to spend up to 40 years in scrapping the four reactor units severely damaged during the nuclear crisis, three of which suffered core meltdowns.
The Fukushima meltdown two years ago was the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986, forcing tens of thousands from their homes and spilling radiation over the surrounding countryside.
It's a country in a meltdown, or a slow meltdown, if you would, like crumbling.
Managing the cycle of meltdowns for students with autism spectrum disorder.
But they were grounded after the NatWest debit card used to pay for the honeymoon was declined because of the banking computer meltdown, which has caused chaos across Britain.
Their fears were confirmed when Kitty had a meltdown during bootcamp.
The disclosure of the meltdowns more than two months after the quake struck came as a U.
THE fuel rods in one of Japan's damaged nuclear reactors have been temporarily fully exposed from their coolant, raising the risk of overheating and a meltdown.
A partial meltdown was already likely under way at one nuclear reactor, a top official said, and operators were frantically trying to keep temperatures down at the power plant's other units and prevent the disaster from growing even worse.
JAPAN launched a massive military rescue operation today and authorities were braced for a possible meltdown at a nuclear reactor.