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The company that owned these restaurants hired an engineer who removed the sheathing from the wall behind undamaged cheese melters at several other restaurants.
However, many ice melter companies take a buyer beware" approach, not offering any type of satisfaction guarantee or customer assistance.
The growth of blends is driven by the fact that consumers want ice melters that are less irritating to their pets; that help protect driveways, sidewalks and steps from needing costly repairs; and that work quickly so they can spend less time outside clearing away ice and snow.
The company said that its Safe Step Pro Series 960 Choice Formula ice melter will carry the DfE label showing that each ingredient contained in the product meets the EPA's criteria for environmental safety.
Saving also will come from less operational downtime to replace the melters, Foster reported.
Salt and minerals supplier North American Salt Company, a subsidiary of minerals producer Compass Minerals (NYSE:CMP), has added a new pet-friendly product to its Safe Step family of ice melters, the company said on Thursday.
She adds that, unlike other eco-friendly ice melters that compromise their melting performance in colder temperatures, Morton's EcoSafe product maintains its ability to melt ice in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
The outage allows EM to replace the DWPF melter that operated nearly 14 years.
The waste processing plant is now using the second melter in its 17-year history.
The Fulfill system replaces manual melter monitoring and refilling with an automatic, controlled process, decreasing production staff's exposure to hot surfaces, molten adhesive and repetitive lifting of adhesive.