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Instead, its power to completely claim the listener came from superbly measured ebb and flow, the meltingly beautiful arioso balanced by the irresistible forward push of the restless closing fugue.
The farm-fresh chickens, with feta cheese pressed under the skin, had been rubbed with olive oil, seasoned with rosemary and a little coarse pepper and salt, then slow-roasted until meltingly tender.
Soo Garay specializes in quiveringly intense sexuality, Jacklyn Francis is a meltingly luscious victim, Stephen Sparks keeps the testosterone level high and Craig Stanghetta presents a gallery of young men from the macho to the mealy-mouthed.
Pictorialism, then, arose at the turn of the last century as a response to the tawdry democracy of the Kodak Meltingly soft focus, dreamlike emanations full of artifice and dripping with sensibility: Let's see you try that with your disposable
The meltingly fluid scogli and sensuous vegetation soften and harmonize with the regularity of the palazzo above, orchestrating an exquisite unity of sculpture and architecture.
George Street Playhouse is basking in the warmth of The Spitfire Grill--a new musical based on 1996's meltingly poignant film--and it's all because of a memoir.
Her rare blend of meltingly true vocals and towering romanticism make her a unique figure in contemporary British music.
The meltingly tender meat is served with grilled leeks, Chioggia beets, potato chips, bordelaise sauce and Moroccan onion marmalade.
Her rare blend of meltingly true vocals and towering romanticism combine with an astute and pragmatic nature to make her a unique and powerful figure in contemporary British music.
The drier-style curry, had great flavour and we loved the heavenly combination of meltingly tender lamb and potatoes with a good kick.