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The dishes include meltingly tender stews, flash-sauteed side dishes, salads and slaws, sandwiches, smoothies, and even muffins and chips, plus dozens of tips for making kale delicious and desirable to even the most finicky eater.
The chunks of tenderloin are seared to crispness on the outside, with a slightly caramelised edge, and meltingly juicy inside.
Bring to the boil, cover with a fitted lid, place in the oven and cook for 2-2' hours or until the meat is meltingly tender ?
The bite-sized snacks come out of the oven or fryer in just minutes, crisp and toasty on the outside, meltingly tender on the inside, and ready to serve for an after-school snack, party appetizer, or any time hunger calls.
The daikon poses the perfect textural counterpoint to the meltingly tender veal, and asparagus and baby zucchini slaw lighten the rich dish.
We see her meltingly slow Odette from behind in a stage rehearsal.
Our chef Michael Kilkie whips up a dessert to die for - a meltingly magical chocolate fondant.
IN SCRAMBLED EGGS Cook plenty of thinly sliced shallots in butter over medium-low heat until meltingly soft, then mix in some minced thyme, beaten eggs, and gruyere cheese.
Instead, its power to completely claim the listener came from superbly measured ebb and flow, the meltingly beautiful arioso balanced by the irresistible forward push of the restless closing fugue.
This sets up one spectacular-looking, meltingly mucky climax that's as scary as it is well-designed.
Pictorialism, then, arose at the turn of the last century as a response to the tawdry democracy of the Kodak Meltingly soft focus, dreamlike emanations full of artifice and dripping with sensibility: Let's see you try that with your disposable
The meltingly fluid scogli and sensuous vegetation soften and harmonize with the regularity of the palazzo above, orchestrating an exquisite unity of sculpture and architecture.