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Escorted booth tours are available to members of the press, and representatives from Microsoft will be available to answer questions.
For a listing of Microsoft-related events and activities at COMDEX/Fall '98, members of the press are invited to go to the following Web sites: http://www.
There is no registration fee for members of the press with credentials.
Credentialed members of the press with photo ID will receive complimentary registration to all events.
CHICAGO -- Steel Business Briefing (SBB), in association with the American Institute for International Steel (AIIS), invites steel industry professionals and members of the press to attend the Steel Markets North America Conference at the Chicago Hilton on Monday, March 6 and Tuesday, March 7, 2006, where keynote speakers Lou Schorsch, CEO, Mittal Steel, and Guy Dolle, CEO, Arcelor, will each deliver a keynote address.
These combined events will allow the shareholders, money managers, and members of the press who are attending our meetings to truly understand why we are so excited about this technology and its potential.
NHR senior management from the company's European headquarters in Amsterdam will attend the SYSTEMS 2005 conference and be available to speak with industry analysts and members of the press.
The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is open to qualified working members of the press.

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