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The Council shall prescribe the amount of initiation fee, administrative fee or other fee, if any, which applicants for membership shall pay.
as manager and set forth numerous stipulations about membership changes and unit dispositions, among other things.
In October, TEI's Membership Committee recommended and the Board of Directors approved two changes to assist unemployed TEI members--extending the period during which an unemployed member may continue on the membership rolls and substantially lowering the conference fee charged its members in transition.
Most of us belong to some sort of shopping club or group, brandishing our membership cards as if they were golden.
Whether or not he or she belongs to a chapter (and most members do), everyone needs to work with membership to become a member or update personal information as needed in FEI's database.
Delta AirElite doesn't release membership figures, but Gowans says it has already received more than 1,000 inquiries.
In CCA 200245010, the Serviceheld that golf club membership fees were refundable deposits and, thus, not includible in income in the year of receipt.
In its ongoing quest to provide lasting value to member physicians, ACPE recently announced the creation of a new option in membership renewal -- life membership.
Compaq will also offer existing customers and new PC buyers membership in RealNetworks' subscription services, RealOne Membership and RealOne Music.
The new membership system, benefits, dues, and fees will become effective on July 1.
Statistics Canada does ask about religious affiliation in the census every 10 years, but its definition of church membership differs from that of the church, so StatsCan numbers are dramatically different and higher.
It was founded by a group of workers in the State-Federal program of rehabilitation, but its reach has been greater than to the membership of a single administrative body in the movement of vocational rehabilitation.

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