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Cell death induced by parvifloron D was found to be (i) associated with the dissipation of the mitochondrial membrane potential and the release of cytochrome c, (ii) amplified by inhibition of extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERKs) 1/2 signaling and (iii) caused by a mechanism dependent on intracellular reactive oxygen species generation.
The work "highlights the importance of membrane potential and its role in development," says Simon Perathoner, a developmental biologist at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tubingen, Germany.
In order to trace the events of an action potential, we must first understand the resting membrane potential.
Profiling of the Tox21 chemical collection for mitochondrial function to identify compounds that acutely decrease mitochondrial membrane potential.
Over the last years fluorescent colourants for measuring mitochondrial membrane potential (Aym) have been frequently used for monitoring of changes of this important physiologic parameter, as well as for assessment of its correlation with cells' ability to generate ATP by means of oxidative phosphorylation.
25 [eth]-M) significantly hyperpolarized the resting membrane potential for human colonic circular smooth muscle cells by 2.
Although there is no publication which has examined the effect on sperm, curcumin has been reported to affect membrane potential in other cell systems.
They concluded that in these C-fiber nociceptors the TREK2 keeps membrane potentials more negative, stabilizing their membrane potential, reducing firing and thus limiting the amount of spontaneous burning pain.
Pre treatment with bilberry (and vitamin C) increased mitochondrial membrane potential and at the highest dose of 200 mg/kg it was reversed to normal level.
Comparable to a fuel cell, this process generates an electrical membrane potential, which is the driving force of ATP synthesis.
After the same cells were exposed to a cinnamon extract, they regained some of the membrane potential that had been lost.
As the concentration of sodium ions increases within the postsynaptic cell, a rise in membrane potential occurs.

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