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There is quite a demand for these mementoes on eBay.
Now the former soldier is passing over the mementoes to descendents of Mr Rogers' wife Edith after they saw the story in the paper.
They particularly want to borrow old photographs or mementoes, and to hear from former pupils and teachers.
Mr Millichip said: "After my father's death his mementoes and memorabilia took on an even greater significance than before.
Medals and mementoes which belonged to South Bank-born England international Ted Catlin were sold for a total of pounds 14,720 at an auction in Sotheby's of London on Wednesday.
Newcastle East End Under-10 Whites (above) clutching their mementoes
Also, it is not a current trend or fad to put mementoes on babies' graves' it has been done for years, and most of the graves are beautifully and tastefully kept.
THE search is on for mementoes to be part of centenary celebrations at Belfast City Hall.
The mementoes - which include photographs and cuddly toys - were removed from a garden dedicated to stillborn infants.
A Grieving mum was left heartbroken after discovering sentimental mementoes had been removed from her young daughter's grave.