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Registration is now open for a current online-only event being held from November 8 to 24 that features a private collection of wine, art and authentic, rare autographed memorabilia from Robert DeNiro, James Gandolfini, Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, and many more.
Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel, Casino and Live venues across the country host some of the world's most fascinating pieces of memorabilia that celebrate defining moments throughout music history.
Within the specific sphere of Beatles memorabilia it is certain types of memorabilia - written material, signatures, lyrics, stage clothing, concert posters and personal items which are rising most steadily in value.
NASCAR memorabilia has autographed race car parts from noteworthy drivers.
Mike 'Stevo' Stephenson, RLHC director and Sky Sports Rugby League commentator, said his museum would be delighted to receive Dougie's memorabilia.
The deal, says the company, gives the clearest indication yet that the thriving UK memorabilia industry is set to follow the well-developed US model.
6 -- 8 -- color) Chris Carter, above, under a poster of ``Mayor of the Sunset Strip,'' which he produced, and on the cover playing the bass, keeps a substantial music memorabilia collection in his converted Sherman Oaks garage.
In addition to books and manuscripts, the Swann also receives a good amount of art and other memorabilia.
Books that assign dollar values to black memorabilia are often outdated before they leave the press.
There was a time when you could've typed in the letters "n-i-g-g-e-r" on eBay's search engine and pulled up "Tragic Mulatto" books, "Coon" ashtrays, "Sambo" or "Jigger" masks, "Picaninny" toys, "Uncle Tom" matchbooks, and tons of other so-called black memorabilia items.
Increased sales in football memorabilia over the last few years has prompted Premiership sponsors Barclaycard and auction house Sotheby's to research the value of memorabilia football fans have hidden away in attics and garages.
AMEX:DRJ), through it sports memorabilia division, Mounted Memories, has entered into a partnership with Samsung, the consumer electronics' giant.