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Memorable lyric: Some people call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise (Save A Prayer).
The software was able to analyze the information to detect subtle trends in the features that made faces more or less memorable, he added.
Secondly, a highly memorable goal scored for the City by Peter Hooper against Rotherham in November 1962.
It remains more memorable than Sir David Frost's 1977 interviewwith post- Watergate Richard Nixon.
It wasn't his best but his reaction and the crowd's reaction made it the most memorable.
Memorable partnerships are the great miracles of dance.
biz, from Webvert who have secured a wide range of email address options that allow us to have personalised and highly memorable email addresses.
The building previously lacked memorable spaces for commuters waiting for a ferry or as a destination for tourists.
That has definitely been my most memorable excursion to date.
The ideal Lee survey would own up to the vertiginous array of fashion, painting, cinema, and architecture that underlies her intensely memorable sculptures rather than repeating lazy, dead words like "subversion" and "cyborg.