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While memorialisation of slavery is a vital first step to raising America's national stain of slavery to the level of attention it demands, it is insufficient on its own.
Not all the essays here, especially those in the final section, remain consistently in focus and self-evidently connected to the book's overarching themes concerned with the prevalence, rich flowering of and heavy investment in early modern memorialisation.
There was also an additional category of memorialisation, which records sites where an attempt to remember the system has been made, such as a plaque or piece of interpretive signage.
We are now in a period where, arguably for the first time in history, human beings are encouraged to avoid thinking seriously about death and where the memorialisation of people and things dead is discouraged.
US-based private equity firm Great Hill Partners has sold US-based online digital memorialisation site Legacy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 30, 2017-Great Hill Partners Sells Online Memorialisation Site Legacy.
Meanwhile, social-networking site Facebook has recently publicised a feature called memorialisation that lets the family of deceased users keep their profile page online as a virtual tribute.
and he looks at the memorialisation of National Socialist atrocities across Europe after 1945.
Matthews International is a global provider of brand solutions, memorialisation products and industrial automation solutions.
Legislative mandate, Financial accounting, Put in place an operational rescue plan to stabilise current operations and ensure quick-wins in areas of delivery of current benefits such as education support, healthcare, housing, heritage and memorialisation as well as burial support.
19 August 2015 - US-based memorialisation products and industrial automation solutions company Matthews International Corp.
The bill seeks to improve the socio-economic conditions of all former soldiers through the provision of the following support and benefits, namely housing, education, job placement, free healthcare, free access to public transport, compensation, counselling, business support and memorialisation in life and in death.