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We memorialize our first patriots -- blacksmiths and farmers, slaves and freedmen -- who never knew the independence they won with their lives.
99 anyone can memorialize their departed pet with a narrative and a photo for the world to see.
Within the fold of the lodge, veterans were free to relive and memorialize the activities of their wartimes among sympathetic compatriots.
People who have lost a loved one or an adored pet may be searching for a similarly appropriate way to memorialize their loss.
But perhaps his oeuvre can be better understood in terms of collage: Rather than memorialize historical moments, Lombardi weaves mute webs whose fragments must be pieced together by the viewer.
To memorialize Bridge, Rorem has resurrected two songs from that set, placing them in an entirely new context by adding seven more of Larson's poems to form a scintillating cycle for countertenor Brian Asawa, who also sings the earlier From an Unknown Past (transcribed especially for him).
Crosses mark some trees to memorialize specific missing soldiers.
In its brief, the ACLJ says it is deeply concerned about the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church and adds: "Families and friends of fallen United States military personnel should be able to lay their loved ones to rest, and to memorialize their heroic lives, free from demonstrations which invade their right of privacy, worsen the profound emotional suffering that accompanies bereavement, and cause public disorder.
LifeGem developed the world's first certified, high quality fancy colored diamond created from the carbon of a loved one in 2002, to help family and friends memorialize the life of the deceased.
Barney has become such a good friend to all our students we thought we would memorialize him,'' said Principal Elizabeth Cervantes.
It is this spirit of humanity that will enable us to honor and memorialize those we lost, and bring New York City from a period of healing into a period of remembrance and hope.
The third reproduction shows altered pages of a book published by a small village in Japan to memorialize its young men who died in military service during the war.