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4 billion users, won't say how many accounts are memorialized, though Facebook product manager Vanessa Callison-Burch said there have been ''hundreds of thousands'' of requests from loved ones to do so.
3) Larger than life - 7 feet tall - Amelia Earhart is memorialized in a gold-leaf statue at the North Hollywood Library.
The prohibition against Spanish was memorialized in memorandums by managers of Spacelabs including a memorandum signed by the chief executive officer, Carl Lombardi.
Thursday, he had his handprints and footprints memorialized right alongside those of his favorite stars at the Hollywood Boulevard theater's entrance - even though he's never made a movie and never wanted to.
17, 1994, the tower's clock has memorialized the event by remaining stuck at that precise moment.
The joint powers agreement that memorialized our pact worked well for many years.
The Companies have memorialized the settlement in a letter of intent and will prepare a formal agreement in the coming weeks.
The five 1998 honorees brought to 40 the number of pilots memorialized along the boulevard.
amp;uot;The agreement has been signed and it is now in the hands of legal council to have it memorialized,&uot; stated Anderson.
We promised then to remember them for this ultimate sacrifice, but somewhere along the line - like the tiny park they were memorialized in - we forgot all about it.
The Note, which was previously in default, is currently paid on a timely basis beginning January 1999 on the new terms that are memorialized in the Restructuring Agreement.
He is memorialized at an Irish pub named for him in Fountain Valley.