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Talking about the numerous achievments the old centre had made over the last 15 years in the service of Islam, Naseeb said: "Our memorisers here have brilliantly secured top positions in most of the Quran contests held across the country, and over 350 new students of all ages and nationalities join Quran memorisation courses every year.
Dubai - The auditorium of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry was thronged by people from all nationalities, who came to enjoy the tuneful recitation of top Quran memorisers on Sunday night.
However, all arbitrators need to be perfect full Quran memorisers, have full command of the rules and arts of recitation, be fully aware of different schools of Quran Rewaya, and have participated in other international Quran awards," he said, noting that the organising committee has a big database of high caliber arbitrators.
Mentally impaired memorisers will be able to compete in the other category," which is open for all nationalities with no age limit as well.
Bu Melha said the 18-day award saw a rich cultural programme enriched by lectures in various languages: Arabic, Bengali, Malayalam, and Tamil: apart from stiff competition by Quran memorisers from 78 countries.
Naik paid profound thanks to Sheikh Mohammed for his patronage and support of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, which he said, is gaining in momentum and publicity among young Quran memorisers across the world, particularly Islamic countries.
Nowthat he is amemory champion, Dominic is sharing his skills, having recently co-founded the Schools Memory Championships to help pupils develop mental skills by learning the same techniques used by the top memorisers.
In most cases, rote memorisers are the ones who score.
MEMORISERS, who simply make a mental note, are focused and like to concentrate on one thing at a time.
Summary: The 16th edition of the six-day global contest saw a stiff competition from 44 Quran memorisers hailing from 44 Arab and Islamic countries
Shaikha Mariam lauded the growing number of female Holy Quran memorisers graduates every year, describing it as a source of pride given its benefits for the individual and the community.
I am honoured to have this precious chance and compete in this grand international award which attracts Quran memorisers from across the globe, and it is my first participation abroad," said Gani, who is a student of jurisprudence at the Umm Al Qura University, Makkah.