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All praise be to Almighty Allah who has guided and inspired me to start memorising the Quran in 2008, and completed the holy journey in 2010 in Samarra city," he said.
Qatari contestant Abdoulazez Ghani said he started memorising the Holy Quran at the age of 15 and finished when he was 17.
11 CONCENTRATION These tips will help you to create the ideal conditions for being "in the Zone": Try to find a little time every day to stretch your memory by setting yourself small challenges such as memorising a list of words.
All praise to Allah, the Almighty, for fulfilling my ambition of memorising the Holy Qur'an by this Ramadan," said Mahboob.
Nazam Hussain, 14, from Bentley Street in Lockwood; Saud Saleem, 12, of Thornton Lodge, and Aqil Iqbal, 14, from Marsh, have spent three years memorising the Islamic holy book.
2004: Won a place in the Book of Alternative Records for memorising 17 random digits seen for two seconds, and
Contestants for the Qur'an memorising event were assessed based on their ability to memorise the Qur'an in different age groups categories, ranging from five to 10 years old, 11-18, and 19 years and above.
He had set himself a target to finish memorising Holy Quran, which even his teacher didn't and he finised it completing several pages on the last day of his targert," said Talha's father Rahat Ali, who has accompanied his son to the competition.
I started memorising the Holy Quran when I was four years old, and finished six years later at the age of ten with the help of my family, and later at the Quran University.
26 competitors are taking part in the competition this year, which is being run in five levels, namely memorising the Holy Quran as a whole and reciting, memorising 24 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting one part, memorising 18 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting one part, memorising 12 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting one part and memorising six consecutive parts of the Holy Quran and reciting.
Dubai His teacher's wooden stick helped a 21-year-old Libyan earn the highest and most prestigious award in memorising the Quran.
The boy, Mohamed al-Ameen, finished memorising the holy book at the age of five and knows three styles of reading and the text of An-Nawawi's 40 Hadiths by heart.