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Memorize to perfect/memorize to perform--When memorizing to perfect, the pianist should first test how much of the repertoire is memorized.
Reciting the memorized poem aloud--to oneself, or to others--brings the act of reading to its fruition, in the same way that eating a great meal brings to fruition the conceiving and preparing of it.
Its license number fit the one partially memorized, deputies said.
Kelley, during the first five years nearly 7,000 children memorized the Commandments.
Unlike in the past, the examination will require candidates to use research tools and access authoritative literature, as they would in actual practice, rather than recounting memorized facts and details.
Can you imagine "a principal who, for 30 years has memorized home-made flash cards that matched the names and faces of his incoming freshmen so that he could greet every student by name?
I memorized album covers the way some guys memorized baseball cards," he recalls.
Traditionally consisting of a large volume of factual material to be memorized, or otherwise mastered, medical course work is highly compatible with individual study and learning.
Through iAnki's algorithm, cards that you've memorized once won't be displayed again until right around the time that you start to forget them.
Once memorized, Scripture Typer's smart review system reminds users to review verses on a schedule, ensuring verses are retained.
Raghad Al-Sa'doun, a second grade student, said, "I memorized 22 parts of the Qur'an, and I hope to be one of the winners.
Athletes use this technique all the time, and many great pianists have memorized music this way.