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Were I to use the word in a sentence, for example, I could write, "The Worcester police chief was mendacious when he claimed in 2011 that he never threw his top-ranked female under the bus.
overworked emperors, mendacious generals and pragmatic collaborators'.
His brother Ed is fighting an almost single-handed battle to save our NHS from the predations of a mendacious and insincere government.
The conspiracy theorist goes on to attack two national newspapers on his site who have recently written stories mocking his theories He adds: "I am sure you will also see purveyors of 'love, light, peace and kindness' seeking to sell their mendacious stories about me in due course and a lot more of this crap appearing the more successful that I become in exposing the global conspiracy.
You don't need a wild imagination to envisage those words being delivered in that uncertain tone in which mendacious boyfriends answer in the negative to questions from their other half about whether they've gained weight.
This is a mendacious rumour aimed at distracting attention from the rebels'.
The problem with hope is when it becomes mendacious and seeps into the rational element of our thought process.
This remains speculation, however, as the retailers who have run out of fuel (sorry, who are upgrading their pumping infrastructure) have for weeks now either maintained a stoical silence or thrown out chaff in the shape of vague and arguably mendacious statements.
And those who are behind this channel are mendacious also.
In an interview with Syrian TV satellite channel on Friday Habash added that is expected from notables and dignitaries all over Syria to work for confronting and thwarting the media incitement against Syria and to conduct activities for strengthening the national dialogue instead of watching the mendacious channels.
The group mentioned the case of Karim Arbaji, a blogger who was arrested by military intelligence officers in July 2007 and held in pre-trial detention before finally being sentenced to three years in jail in September 2009 for "publishing mendacious information liable to weaken the nation's morale.
As for the greedy, mendacious and self-serving mountebanks who caused this crisis in the first place, the bankers and city financiers: they were laughing all the way to the wine bar.