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b) Beyond mendacity, there is liberal paternalism, of which these forced cancellations are a classic case.
There appears to be no end to the mendacity of George Osborne and David Cameron and no chance they will admit the real reason, at least publicly.
Somehow, our man got hold of this letter and promptly sent Honest Jack (as he was immediately dubbed by the Lib Dems) a copy of a dishonest Labour leaflet distributed locally with evidence of its mendacity.
Finally Jay ties the lying and the political together and offers a new perspective on mendacity as a necessary means to a successful society.
His was not an easy lot and when compared to Messrs Blair and Brown he seems less tarnished by the charges of mendacity, manipulation and incompetence.
IN A breathtaking example of Tory mendacity, "Minister for Merseyside" Michael Heseltine claims he rescued Liverpool from the fate of managed decline proposed by Howe.
Dr Halpin recently said, as he asked the public to contribute funds for the legal challenge: "Britain has great potential for good but many people know it is now mired in mendacity.
The whole situation has been rendered that much more ridiculous by the company's early attempt at shrugging off the problem with a little slice of the mendacity that so many organisations here so readily employ when asked anything even remotely challenging by media.
Now Cameron and Osborne, who have raised government PR spin to new levels of vindictive mendacity, believe that they have their coalition partners in the palms of their hands.
He said, No amount of mendacity can create a wedge between Afghanistan and Pakistan and their partners in peace and stability.
Yet unwittingly it also reveals the mendacity behind Israel's whole approach to these negotiations.
Karrubi said, "You must show all your documents, or else I will proclaim your mendacity in every available forum in every corner of the country.