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He sometimes looks at her with tenderness--but vehemently denies it to her and others, betraying his own disdain for mendacity.
Restraint rather is what the Palestinian Authority has been showing for years whilst it implements the Roadmap and awaits the international community to wake up to Israel's fundamental mendacity and actually get around to implementing the standards they signed up for.
For a photograph to be interesting, beautiful, Mann says it must have two things: mendacity and ambiguity.
Men of Tortuga and now Perfect Mendacity seem, to use a cliche, to be "ripped from the headlines" pieces.
Can it be seriously argued that the resistance of systemic, explicit mendacity with localized, explicit exhibits of that mendacity's fruit violates parental control of education?
However, the release in 1995 of thousands of pages of the "Venona Intercepts," decoded secret Soviet transmissions from the World War II era, have thoroughly vindicated accusers such as Elizabeth Bentley, while exposing the mendacity of their CFR detractors who went to such great lengths to discredit them.
Zunes and Rai clearly outline the Anglo-American polices within those countries' domestic frames of reference, highlighting both continuities and inconsistencies, as well as leaders' repeated mendacity in portraying the impacts of sanctions to their own constituents.
But is such a cure the right one for the mendacity of our times?
The list repeated in its headline the absurd mendacity that a "Court Ruled That the Media Can Legally Lie.
Although some of us may pride ourselves that we were never fooled, we still might accept as our civic duty the responsibility to buttress our fellow citizens against the mendacity of our high officials.
This mendacity was a clear and deliberate attempt to hide the source of the donations by the Board President and the Chair of the Curriculum Committee to further ensure that Dover students received a creationist alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution.
The "weasel words" and downright mendacity contained in many public statements from our bishops and from the pulpit should bring shame on all of us.