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Augustine himself drew the same distinction between the spes de terrenis found in the world and the hope that he describes as "praesumentium de coelestibus, quae promisit non mendax Deus.
Hot water and brown sugar flotation methods were used to extract larval blueberry maggot (Rhagoletis mendax Curran) from blueberries (Vaccinium sp.
Vallis est scena, vallis est circus ubi currit mendax equus ad salutem, ubi vilis et abjecta contentio, ubi litium foeda deformitas" (bk.
To begin with, the frontispiece portrait, which once gave Gulliver's name and age, now stands over the rubric "Splendide Mendax," announcing that the narrative is a lie.
mendax Rota, 2012) were recently found from the Estonian soil (Rota 2012), increasing the total number of nominal species of the Enchytraeidae known in Estonia to 54.
andersoni (Bezzi, 1915) Eristalinus flaveolus + + + Dirickx (1998) (Bigot, 1880) Eristalinus mendax + + + Wakkie (2011) (Curran, 1927) Eristalinus quinquelineatus + + (Fabricius, 1781) Eristalinus surcoufi + + + Dirickx (1998) (Herve-Bazin, 1914) Eristalinus vicarians cf.
Sunt tamen ambo exuno domino, Diabolo, cum papa sit mendax et homicida Turca.
Assange had been a member of the hacker world, with the pseudonym of Mendax, and had been "a member of the famous International Subversives," in which he was "one of the greatest hackers in the world.
30) than kill with such implacable cruelty (impaiae sponsos potuere duro / perdere ferro, 31-32) or she could be like Hypermestra (splendide mendax, 25), an example to follow that is set out in great detail in the rest of the poem.
mendax new species in somatic appearance and morphology and both species were probably mixed up by Hickman (1967).
He thus proposes translating the phrase as "neque mendax erat--he would not lie by any meanes, for that affectedly he stands upon hereafter" (90).
They thunder with hostility: their favorite noun seems to be mendax ("liar"), the preferred adjective stultissimus ("extremely stupid").