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A few other commenders are especially noteworthy: Nathaniell Gyles had similar interests to Ravenscroft in mensuration signs and proportions, while John Dowland shared an affinity for traditional notational practices.
For fifteenth-century Latin music, musicologists rely on large-scale markers including genre, mensuration, text distribution, and cantus firmus treatment to determine the origins of anonymous works.
In the case that one of the points of the skull was damaged, it was excluded from the triangle sides mensuration eliminating this area from the sample.
The decision to maintain a consistent tempo for various mensurations (semibreves in rempus perfectum mostly proceed at MM 60-66; in tempus imperfectum diminurum, the breve equals MM 35-42) makes it difficult for the singers to pace and shape the individual lines as well as one suspects they otherwise could.
In Chapter 3, 'Perfect and Imperfect Time' (an expanded version of 'The Relationship of Perfect and Imperfect Time in Italian Theory of the Renaissance', Early Music History, v (1986), 1-28), Berger demonstrates a fifteenth-century Italian theoretical tradition of breve equality under all four mensurations.
Avec ses mensurations de reve, elle a fait naEtre une carriere dans le mannequinat
At the very least, I would have appreciated a discussion of the proportions between the various mensurations, especially because the modern time signatures used by Scott do not match those of the original source.
1445) Missa Alma redemptoris, where the tenor is frequently sung in augmented values, and the mensurations among the various parts occasionally conflict.