mental attitude

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We have a lot of talented players but you also need confidence, belief and the right mental attitude.
THERE is little evidence to support the common belief that a positive mental attitude can affect a person's chances of surviving cancer.
No matter how good your swing is or how well you strike the ball, if you don't have the correct mental attitude to play golf you will always struggle.
Rovers are now assessing his overall state and mental attitude before deciding whether to take him on.
You come back and you have to get on the horse - keep them in a positive mental attitude,'' Aurand said.
Although he is still looking fairly rotund, he is now back in full work, seems as well as ever and I think that his mental attitude has also improved.
Since videos leave nothing to the imagination and most Santa fans cannot read, cassette tapes are clearly a far better developmental medium," says Peters-McKeethen, an educator and student of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).
I know that mental attitude and minds et changes make a big difference to an individual's performance.
Fforestfach-based and Neath-born Keith Charles, has proved that a positive mental attitude is the most important element on the learning playing field.
Said Warwickshire RFU development officer Ian Bletcher: "Being a quality rugby player is about an entire mental attitude, not just playing skills, and the academies aim to make the most of each player's ability.
The key for Everton is to go there with a positive mental attitude.
JOHN HUGHES says adopting the positive mental attitude of the English Premiership big guns is the only way Falkirk will take anything from Pittodrie today.