mental deficiency

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If so, then the problem of mental inefficiency of which mental deficiency is an important part assumes a yet wider and deeper significance and must indeed be one of the major problems which a civilised community may be called to solve.
Proof that a parent is "suffering from a mental or emotional illness or mental deficiency of such severity that there is no reasonable expectation that such parent will be able to undertake responsibility for the care needed by the child" is considered "prima facie evidence" that the conditions for termination have been met.
Advocacy by the American Association of Mental Deficiency and other organizations led to changes in the cut-off IQ score for MR determination that was formalized in PL 94-142 resulting in the reclassification or declassification of many students who had qualified for services under the new criteria for the MR categorical label.
As a result, the term has not only lost its meaning, but its use in political discourse has become a sign of mental deficiency on the part of those who employ it.
According to the university's research group, the congenital abnormality of KRAS and BRAF induces CFC syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by a distinctive facial appearance, congenital cardiac lesion, mental deficiency, and excessive keratinization.
In Scottish law a contract is not binding if one party has a mental deficiency.
And along with team captains D-ildo and Joe Leg End, Rrrroddy suffers from that peculiarly American mental deficiency commonly known as "not understanding the concept of a microphone".
After all, anyone who stands around waiting to dive at the feet of an on-rushing striker, fling himself in the way of a point blank shot or try and claim a cross against a burly centre-half, must have some sort of mental deficiency.
Both were born with a rare genetic disorder - phenylketonuria - a severe mental deficiency which could lead to brain damage in later life.
The definition of disability given earlier denotes a person having either a physical or mental deficiency.
Thomas Verner Moore, on the topic of the "Sub-Normal Child," in which he argued against the scientific claim that mental deficiency was primarily hereditary.