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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

Sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask this question but life and logic in general fails me sometimes due to a serious TBI from 23 months ago. Let me provide a little history. Florida no motorcycle helmet required, tried to avoid an accident with a car , hit a community style mailbox, three skull fractures 5 hematomas, over three weeks in a comma, three month re-habilitation hospital many other injuries. I have recovered a lot better than the original prognosis indicated. Diagnosed with Sever TBI. Occurred 10/2003.
Skip to 7/2005. Truck accident about 4:30 PM when passenger was crawling around vehicle and I was trying to get him to settle down and buckle up, drifted off road lost control hit guardrail was wearing my seatbelt. Airbag and window caused small open cut on my forehead. Police questioned me extensively at the scene and at the hospital. I remember vividly the moments leading up to the accident well. I don't remember a lot of the questioning in detail following the accident for several hours or even the next day very well. I generally don't have extensive memory problems day to day. However my memory, balance obviously I was quite shaken from the immediate trauma of the accident. In my mind I am questioning the extent the mild "concussion" if that is what it is considered could have possibly had on my immediate ability communicate cognitively and handle my responses. I was arrested 6 weeks later after blood draw showed high BAC. I do not recall specifically consenting to blood draw and other things I reportedly was told. I have a current attorney and things are getting down to the wire. Is it possible to file a motion for inadmissibility of blood draw and statements made prior to arrest based on my documented neurological disorders?


Yes you can--your current attorney should certainly make an attempt.
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On the other hand, racism built on a foundation of mental illness cannot be modified until the underlying mental illness is addressed.
NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness.
In view of the potential effect of parental mental illness on their children's wellbeing, prevention and intervention at an early stage are of great importance.
If we want to reduce the suicide rate and improve outcomes, we have to change the way that society thinks about mental illness.
However relatives of patients and the public tended to hold the traditional view that mental illness was something that should be treated in institutions and that patients do not belong in the community.
Naslund and colleagues found that people with severe mental illness used YouTube to feel less alone and to find hope, to support and to defend each other, and to share personal stories and strategies for coping with day-to-day challenges.
I was frustrated that there are still so many misconceptions about mental illness.
When the SHINE Initiative mission was refined to "recognize mental illness in children and young adults as a mainstream health issue,'' we did so knowing that half of lifetime cases of serious mental illness begin by age 14.
According to Ng, [7] culture can often influence mental illness in terms of perception, conception, experience of symptoms, classification, treatment, recognition, labelling and the course of mental illness.
Coun Noonan said: "It's good to see Rethink Mental Illness celebrating World Mental Health Day by providing the people of Coventry and Warwickshire with so much information.
The plans form part of the newly launched Rethink Mental Illness Innovation Network.
Though a majority of people worldwide understand that mental illness has the same underlying causes as other physical illnesses, stigma remains, according to a study published in the May AJPH.

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