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In this model dimensions of brand especial value includes 1- perceived quality 2-behavior of staff 3 ideal internal satisfaction4- brand identity5- cohesion of life style as dependent variable of research and mental image of origin country as independent variable.
The aim of this study was to construct an innovative test to measure the ability to rotate mental images with a high degree of reliability and validity.
The purpose of the current study is to determine if people will recall more word pairs when told to create bizarre mental images versus common, non-bizarre mental images.
Human beings have always tried to depict in some physical form the mental image of their gods.
Ennis' mental image is translated into Larry McMurtry's and Diana Ossana's screenplay by the use of split screen.
If a student cannot form a clear mental image of the desired tone, all the coaching in the world will not bring about a beautiful sound.
Take a minute to imagine yourself in this scene, and make sure that you create a clear mental image of this scene.
Chewing luxuriously, I dangle before myself the mental image of a calf in its little stall to see if it upsets my gustatory pleasure.
Our vision statement describes our purpose, creates a mental image of the future state of our organization and identifies growth opportunities.
I am still searching for the deeper meaning of all of this, but in the meantime, I love the mental image of the long-maligned "talking heads" becoming our primary communicators.
When people think about animation today, most get a mental image of computer nerds working their magic on supercomputers.