mental incapacity

See: insanity
References in classic literature ?
Yes, altogether," thought Darya Alexandrovna, looking back over her whole existence during those fifteen years of her married life, "pregnancy, sickness, mental incapacity, indifference to everything, and most of all--hideousness.
This old gentleman informed him that the thing was perfectly feasible if he could get hold of competent witnesses as to Muishkin's mental incapacity.
A governor can be removed from office on grounds of gross violation of the Constitution, committing a crime, abuse of office or gross misconduct and physical or mental incapacity.
Mental incapacity can be a ground for dismissal from office if proven but, according to the Supreme Court, a declaration of mental disorder does not automatically translate into a judgment of mental incapacity to perform work as in the case of Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD) employee Vilma E.
Due to physical and/or mental incapacity of spouse as certified by a public medical practitioner;
5) While a general power of attorney will cease to be effective if one becomes mentally incapacitated, an EPA will 'endure' the donor's mental incapacity and give the attorney the power to continue managing the donor's financial affairs despite such incapacity.
The chaos of this period, embodied not only in Cade's Rebellion but also the loss of England's French holdings and the descent of the king into mental incapacity, is vividly told in an evenhanded manner avoiding the partisanship that has been present in historical writing about this period from the fifteenth century to the present.
In most, too, they are outsiders, whether out of mental incapacity ("One Hundred and Fifty Years of Life," from China's Yu Liu), their sex-worker job ("Prowl,"), empty lives (the Moldava-set "Anishoara"), dead-end job (body-piercing in "A Taste of Ink") or provenance ("In Between").
Contrasted are different approaches of advance statements, advocacy, best interest practice, and risk management, as well as reconciling human rights of the mentally ill with law regarding mental incapacity.
Mental incapacity due to old age is one of the major issues to be careful of.
The amendment has also simplified the removal of the Vice-Chancellor and now he could be removed on account of allegation of gross misconduct, including inefficiency, corruption, violation of budgetary provisions, moral turpitude or physical or mental incapacity, after a resolution passed with a simple majority by the Senate.
Of the remaining cases one suspect was found not guilty, two suspects committed suicide and two cases were processed on the grounds of the suspect's mental incapacity.