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The transformation of experience serves as a mental mechanism that leads to the formation of a mental trace.
The normality of such mental mechanism depends on its brief duration, since to 'live in the past' is unhealthy.
In Atran's view, scientists need to identify the mental mechanism that allows individuals who accept animistic beliefs to override a universal tendency to categorize plants and animals in highly structured ways (SN: 11/16/96, p.
One possible explanation is that the eyes unconsciously trigger a basic mental mechanism humans have evolved to be very sensitive to their impression on other people, so they maintain their own reputation.
Whatever the case, a specific mental mechanism keeps tabs on social contracts and stays alert for cheats, Cosmides contends.
My working theory is that humans are innately endowed with a mental mechanism devoted to quantifying discrete entities, and this mechanism is already operating unconsciously in infants," asserts psychologist Karen Wynn of the University of Arizona in Tucson.
This is because it requires a "new way of thinking about your climax" and depends heavily on your sexual awareness, knowledge of your body and erogenous zones and the physical and mental mechanisms that trigger pleasure.
They discuss theoretical issues of narration, including the concept of realism in literature, narrative opacity, and the mental mechanisms involved in narrative; literature and visual art forms like novels, memoirs, poetry, films, television series, and photos and pictures, with discussion of telling vs.
In his ground-breaking new book, Mischel draws on decades of compelling research and life examples to explore the nature of willpower, identifying the cognitive skills and mental mechanisms that enable it and showing how these can be applied to challenges in everyday life -- from weight control to quitting smoking, overcoming heartbreak, making major decisions and planning for retirement.
iii) He also discusses mental mechanisms behind those surface properties, such as working memory and particular brain regions.