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Create a mental picture of yourself enjoying the rewards that come with achieving your new goal and replay it when you need encouragement.
And he knows he could be on to a winner after revealing that 13 years ago he used mental pictures of Larry Nelson's 1983 victory at Oakmont to spur him on.
I visualise the triangle of pins and form a mental picture of where I want to throw the bowl.
In the mind's eye, this illustration is usually played out with the mental picture of a couple of grade school children occupying either end of the seesaw.
A spin on a bicycle will be enough to get you started, and will give you a better mental picture when you start wading through books of floor plans in the realtor's office.
Your awareness must be high enough to take a mental picture that records everything.
As soon as you meet a stranger, you could photograph him on your mind and recall your mental picture at will--the next minute, the next day or even twenty years hence.
ON the night before every game I look at all the goals I've scored and get a mental picture just to get them in my mind and give me confidence.
Today, the mental picture of a plasterer in his white work shirt and overalls with plaster residue smeared almost artfully over his studied face planning his next pass, has been replaced by the equally studied faces of tradespersons whose "artistry" with hoses, spray guns and/or trowels is now being seen applying a whole host of special finishes.
Suffice to say, a sandwich from the corner shop will not satiate your hunger if you still have a mental picture of Grande Marnier Souffles or Napoleon of Veal Paillards in your head.
Kennedy--analysts are still scrutinizing every frame of film, every blurry image, and every mental picture to determine what really is being seen.
News of war and famine dominate the popular image of East Africa, our mental picture determined by border disputes on an ever changing map.