mental picture

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Create a mental picture of yourself enjoying the rewards that come with achieving your new goal and replay it when you need encouragement.
THOSE OF US WHOSE mental picture of California's Central Valley is, shamefully, limited to the golden blur passing by on either side of Interstate 5 would probably never imagine that the winning (and quintessentialy autumnal) picture below was taken in that rich agricultural belt.
But why would you blow off such cheap insurance that your mental picture jived with the real world?
1 : the act, process, or power of forming a mental picture of something not present and especially of something a person has not known or experienced <Her imagination kept her entertained on the long ride.
The mental picture of that, says Mr Balmforth, was mind-boggling.
The more vivid the mental picture, the better the results.
The diagram of the field was ruled out in squares and while the commentator was drawing a mental picture of the play, there was a voice in the background calling out which square play was on.
I have a mental picture in my head but I will definitely go back and watch it.
You have to enjoy the mental picture of the editorial staff, desks overturned, water balloons in hand, preparing to repel the invasion of the bean-counters.
I visualise the triangle of pins and form a mental picture of where I want to throw the bowl.