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So it can be uttered without a trace of doubt that every Indians should develop artistic mentality or mental grooming for their personal enrichment in life.
People will look at it as Sunderland, what a story that is, back-to-back relegations, we've got to have that underdog mentality, keep it tight, us against the world.
You can see the herd mentality at work in everyday life.
Sanchez, who is looking forward to facing Liverpool at Wembley today, said: "Having that winning mentality helped me and has improved my performances.
But the one thing I made sure was we had mentality in that team and Harry's talking about they lose a goal and they crumble.
Whether we like it or not, this mentality is creeping in, especially in the minds of young people, and this is worrisome,' he said.
We have a young winning mentality and need for that youth to allow our performance to be intelligent enough during the 90 minutes but, as a whole, if we are perfect in our performance then we can beat anyone.
The AKP mentality has been adroit in exploiting the emotions of poor families -- arranging visits to poor families with full media coverage, for example -- and everyone knows that it can turn into a bloodsucking monster when it comes to creating employment conditions that respect human dignity or raising the minimum wage over the poverty threshold.
He addressed Rifi saying that the statements he had made do not spare him the responsibility for the torture ongoing in the Lebanese jails, adding that neither his attitudes nor poor morals represent the mentality and morals of the brotherly people of Lebanon.
The head of the unit for enforcement of alternative punishments Levon Avetisyan said, The unit for enforcement of alternative punishments regardless of how well it performs its functions - differs greatly from a probation system, although a difference in mentality is obvious.
We have found the mentality Hearts have had in the whole competition.
ESTEBAN Cambiasso believes Leicester's winners can rival the Inter Milan dressing room mentality.