mentally sound

See: normal, sane
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Obviously, there's a system in place, an early warning system to make sure officers are mentally sound," said Philip H.
Maids should undergo rigid tests in their home countries to ensure they are mentally sound and fit to handle pressures of the job.
Whereas the two women told the security forces officials that the woman is not mentally sound and they were taking her to Afghanistan on some sufi saint tomb so that she could get better.
Have a letter from the client's general physician--When the client starts the financial planning process with you, make it a mandate that they provide a letter from their doctor stating they are mentally sound.
LOS ANGELES -- Donald Sterling, who's challenging the sale of his Los Angeles Clippers, gave testy, bombastic testimony Tuesday, contending he's mentally sound, sparring with his wife's lawyer and repeatedly drawing laughter from spectators.
According to the hospital report, the man was mentally sound and did not take drugs or consume alcohol.
So if you are a gun owner or want to buy a firearm, we want to make sure that you are not a criminal and you are mentally sound.
The court rejected arguments by his defence that he was not mentally sound.
The time you spend with your aging mother this Mother's Day can offer important clues about whether she's safe, mentally sound and in the best living situation.
The apex court had reserved its order on April 19 last year on the plea of Bhullar's family which had filed a petition on his behalf pleading that his capital punishment be commuted to life imprisonment as there has been "inordinate" delay in deciding his mercy plea and he is not mentally sound.
Jayawardene said these young players need to overcome the mental hurdles as well since to become a top player, a youngster needs to be mentally sound as well.
Victoire added: "The filly showed excellent acceleration, is mentally sound and has plenty of room for improvement.