mentally unbalanced

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After his release, Agca was first driven to a military hospital where psychological and physical tests established he was mentally unbalanced and should be exempted from military service, one of his lawyers, Yilmaz Abosoglu, told Reuters.
He tells the story of a pilgrim who was mentally unbalanced.
Rosen said that the man appeared to be mentally unbalanced.
Most rogue trustees are quite bright and articulate; some are mentally unbalanced.
Dubai Police confirmed the incident saying they covered the man who seemed mentally unbalanced and took him to the psychiatric care ward at Rashid Hospital for assessment.
Currently the Juba prison accommodates prisoners from all ten states of Southern Sudan, hosting 33 condemned, 317 convicted, 50 foreigners, 34 juveniles, 34 people detained as mentally unbalanced and 339 awaiting trial on various allegations including murder.
But her Maltese terrier's inheritance has been cut to pounds 1million after her family claimed she was mentally unbalanced when she wrote her will.
Inevitably this research evolved into a new field, 'psychical' research, and involved cranks, table-rattlers and the mentally unbalanced but it was a serious and sincere attempt to understand that which, perhaps, never can be understood, at least not on this side of the grave.
Slavin then, according to allegations in the subsequent legal proceeding, became mentally unbalanced and focused his anger on Iseberg.
In a sticky-floored bar in the Latin Quarter, I was approached by two mentally unbalanced French drunks who warned me, in sinister, garlicky tones, that "we weel crush you", and offered the suggestion that they would do very nasty things to Jonny Weelkinson.
Ross goes all out to convince her the guy is mentally unbalanced.
Donaghy, the new Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming, turns the show upside down when he insists that Liz add mentally unbalanced movie star Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) to the cast of "The Girlie Show" to attract more male viewers.