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UPDRS assessment, conducted one day after initial contact for behavior therapy services, evaluated performance of ADLs, motor skill and mentation (cognition and mood) (Fahn et al.
They define intelligence narrowly, as logical, cognitive mentation and, for them, these robots are more intelligent than any humans.
Ten patients required ventilatory support within the first 48 h of admission due to impaired mentation of whom five continued to receive mechanical ventilator support till death.
The oxygen disorder then leads to weakness of the immune system; chronic illness; fatigue; and problems of mood, memory, and mentation.
Patients with acute invasive fungal sinusitis usually present with fever, facial pain, nasal congestion, epistaxis, and changes in vision or mentation.
Jabbara Bin Eid Al Saraisery clarified that these contracts have been awarded following the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz with instructions to expedite imple- mentation.
Following the traditional Indian view of the mind as a sense organ, the Abhidharma did not consider manas a separate consciousness, but as thinking or mentation that was an object of the mind consciousness (mano-vijnana) just as shapes and colors are the objects of eye-consciousness.
Similarly, sedation and diminished mentation also improve with continued use.
The substrate is subjected to prefer mentation or pasteurization for one hour in order to destroy the vegetative form of competing microorganisms.
One unit regulates the tone and wakefulness of mentation, and is responsible for arousal and selective attention.
Examination of the UPDRS subscales showed that the aggregate UPDRS score, combining the clinician motor examination and a patient description of mentation and mood, activities of daily living, and motor complications correlated best with the outcome variables, while individual subscales were less well correlated with the outcome measures.