mention specifically

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Reports didn't mention specifically whether the US forces will be assisting the People's Protection Units (YPG) or other opposition groups.
However, the letter did not mention specifically that he felt there were potential allegations of gross misconduct.
Granted that he did not mention specifically the R+L=J theory, but not only is it the most popular theory, it's also the most intriguing mystery in the book that fans have their own answer to.
I would ask all those who apply, to mention specifically addresses of those enterprises and, if possible, personal information, so that we can quickly and efficiently determine whether it is a system delay within the whole district or region or a particular confusion related with the payment to one person," Mykola Azarov said.
According to the report, Alexander did not mention specifically to leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden of classified documents that brought attention on the government's surveillance efforts but said that the nation needs to know that the agency is doing the right thing.
What Peterson did not mention specifically is that under the Lincoln-Cochran disaster proposal, eligible farmers would receive 190 percent of their direct payment plus any other subsidies to which they might be entitled.
It did mention specifically the assembly, but not the Security Council or
While it has already indicated that it may not sell its stock- broker unit and its Evergreen asset-management arm, the bank has also declined to mention specifically what businesses it could sell.
Heritage makes mention specifically of "kickbacks in the procurement process", noting that "corruption remains pervasive".
I even mention specifically that we have often mentioned Japan that is deserving of special consideration,'' he said, but stopped short of commenting further on the matter.
The company had announced in January 2004 that it was expecting to reduce overall costs by 15 to 20 percent, but did not mention specifically that jobs would be cut.
It is unfortunate that some sections of the media, and I mention specifically the BBC and Channel 4, have been giving the public a very biased account of events.