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A mentor is someone [italics added] who explains the opportunities available to you (thc best that they know), helps connect you to other resources, and answers suggestions to keep you on the right track, in terms of career goals and requirements to achieve them.
Offering structured learning opportunity for the mentor.
Additionally, both the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the nation's largest teachers' unions, are in accord in their encouragement of the establishment of peer review and assistance programs under which all beginning teachers would be assigned a mentor.
Based on her experience as a mentor, Connock recognizes that once her proteges "graduate," they will establish their own routines using the tools she has provided them.
In focus groups I've done, medical students believe that anyone going into an organization that employs more than a handful of people needs a mentor.
With roots in the 19th century, these empowerment programmes gained new life in the mid-1980s, according to Shayne Schneider, President of Mentors Unlimited.
In a sponsor role, a mentor can make things happen that normally would prove beyond the proteges ability to accomplish; as a teacher, a mentor imparts insight into organizational culture; in the devil's advocate role, a mentor hones the proteges problem-solving skills.
And even though women still cannot ``hire'' a mentor directly through Holmes' programs, their employers can do so for them.
Harry Foster, principal engineer for Mentor Graphics' Design Verification and Test division, will moderate the panel "Blended Coverage -- A Recipe for Success.
It also helps the mentor move from being just successful to being significant.
The mean scores and standard deviation of the remaining variables are presented in Table 1 along with the correlation coefficients between the dependent variable (TSES) and independent variables (Relationship with Mentor, Your Mentor as a Teacher, and Teaching Support).
The mentor relationship requires a high level of involvement, commitment and time leading to linkages at a deeply personal and professional level, and it extends well beyond the initial interaction.