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Mentors can also provide emotional support by serving as a sounding board when you need to talk about the daily pressures of your work environment.
Inspirational mentors, intellectual heroes or heroines who can provide a compass for direction and clarity.
The Minority Transition Program connects new minority hires with a peer mentor, who helps the new hire get acclimated to the firm; a higher-level employee, who helps the new hire with career development; and a firm partner, who assists in the new hire's professional progress and helps to ensure opportunities are available to work on high-profile projects and clients.
Mentors frequently describe their mentoring contribution as a way of giving back to the teaching profession (Boreen, Johnson, Niday and Potts, 2000).
Also, the Friends for Teen Morns program extends opportunities for the mentors and teens to participate in extracurricular activities and events such as cultural events and family outings (Friends for Youths, 2003).
Where youth with disabilities are mentored, the mentors and employers learn about the students' capabilities in spite of any disabilities they may have.
Whether in the context of a formal program or an informal advisory relationship, students can learn to take a more active role in their mentoring experience, creatively meeting their desire to find mentors who match their hoped-for future selves.
Particular aspects of the HeLIN scheme that the group felt would be critical included ongoing support for both mentors and mentees, in particular training in the skills of mentoring.
These were some of the comments made in class from the G mentors.
If administration identifies an instructional need and develops a new program, CNA mentors play a vital role in that development.
In focus groups I've done, medical students believe that anyone going into an organization that employs more than a handful of people needs a mentor.
Many researchers have documented the fact that mentors and mentoring relationships have a positive and powerful impact on professional growth, career advancement, and career mobility.