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The Faustian fantasy of magic is never fulfilled and is instead constantly disrupted by the reality of Mephistophelean limitations.
In her revision of her early Faust stories into A Modern Mephistophelesy Alcott makes the Mephistophelean character into Jasper, an impotent invalid experiencing ennui, who toys with others for twisted pleasure.
Or in other words could he not be a pint-sized Mephistophelean figure whose function is to assure that things are running smoothly here?
At this moment, however, McCandless is also a Mephistophelean figure: as the smoke from his many cigarettes and the dust from his old books swirl about him, his words and ideas tempt Billy, who follows McCandless's tutelage into his destruction.
2) is a case in point, with its web of topes and scaffolding, tarpaulins like great bats' wings, smoke and dust everywhere; the figures are pygmies, bit-players in a great Mephistophelean drama in which even the steam engine is reduced to a child's model.
His voracity is well known, and from the circumstance that the inner angles of his lips are curved upwards, he carries an everlasting Mephistophelean grin on his face.
On the Wednesday after the Resurrection, Peter meets a Mephistophelean criminal in a tavern.
THERE are some devilishly good performances in this show, which is the stage musical version of a film of a short story by JohnUpdike, about the fiendish pact between three women and the Mephistophelean playboy who materialises in their Rhode Island town.
Thus his signature Mephistophelean lameness and the staff with which he moves foreshadow his effective damnation and exile from his home.
350), while Major Barbara revisits the 'clash between Bunyanesque religious idealism and Mephistophelean skepticism and mockery' (p.
White plays the Mephistophelean representative of all our basest instincts.
Kurtz is a Mephistophelean Englishman in the Congo who holds much power over the natives and British soldiers in the Congo.