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Without wasting any time, now that time is pressing, I must tell you that you are correct, in every sense of the word correct, to have classified as Mephistophelian and demonic the beings and objects in the seventh layer, and as pure and celestial all that you observed when you closed your eyes and entered the heavenly vault.
has failed dismally to supplement our culture's lost optimism: the suggestion that science is our hope for the future has a Mephistophelian ring.
Bertman did not disappoint those who expected iconoclasm, giving Dvorak's morality tale of the danger of pursuing dreams a darker than usual edge, turning the witch Jezibaba (in the powerful vocal presence of mezzo Irina Mishura) into a Mephistophelian schemer with little red horns and terrific legs.
Not only do Bhuria and Lali transform their appearances and acquire multiple resources of Mephistophelian cunning that belie their humble backgrounds, they also display a disconcerting worldly comfort in using instruments of finance and technology--cell phones, expensive cars, gadgets, weapons, and media of communication.
Then there was Funny Girt the musical, and Funny Girl, the film, with Walter Pidgeon as Flo and Omar Sharif as Nicky Arnstein without Nick's Norwegian blue eyes--it was almost as K the film had captured Brice's own mytholepsy, where the duckling becomes a magnificent swan, where the brooding Mephistophelian Omar Sharif is more like Arnold Rothstein than the bumbling Nick, and a Second Hand Rose is much, much more vibrant than any Rose of Washington Square.
Arthur Dent is my kind of everyman, and Ford Prefect is kind of Mephistophelian," says Douglas.
This devil is not the Mephistophelian kind; in most Latvian fairy tales a herder of cows, a boy not older than ten, is able to outwit him.