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25) Secondo Iacopo da Varagine, Maometto ricorse a quest'astuzia proprio per attirare Cristiani ed Ebrei, che frequentava mentre esercitava la sua mercatura in Egitto e in Palestina.
In its centre Braudel and others see capitalism, but in the medieval making of Europe I see something else: an unintended coalition between Church and Trade, ecclesia and mercatura, the father and mother of capitalism, unintended--since traditional Christendom despised commerce.
List of key industry participants: 3M, Aearo, Alexandra, Almar, Ansell, Asatex, Bacou Dalloz, Bata, Beal, Bolle, Capital Safety, Centurion, Cofra, Comasec, Delta Plus, Drager, DuPont, Haix, Heightec, Helly Hansen Workwear, Hevea, Honeywell Group, HTS, Industrial Scientific, Jalatte, Johnsons, JSP, KCL, Kwintet, Latchways, Mapa, Mercatura Holdings, Moldex, MSA, North Safety, RAE Systems, Respirex, Schuberth, Scott, Seyntex, Showa Gloves, Sioen, Snickers, Spanset, Steitz Secura, Tempex, Totectors, Tractel, Trelleborg, Uvex
And although it bee a trueth, that by olde lawes, Mercatura, non competit viro generoso.
The book of Francesco Balducci Pegolotti, La pratica della mercatura, written between 1310 and 1340, provides an insight into commercial relations between the West and China.
Benvenuto Stracca de Ancona, De Mercatura sue Mercatore Tractatus (Venice, Apud Ioannem Baptistam & Melchiorem Sessam fratre ca.
Pegolotti's La Pratica della Mercatura (1340) confirms that the weight for bullion and money in London was Tower weight, the weight in use at the English mint in the Tower of London.
Consigli sulla mercatura di un anonimo trecentista.
Just as the first "painted" lively and cunning portraits of the emergent culture of arte della mercatura, so did the second "paint" the equally brewing and restless world of arte della pittura.
KG, leading German distributor of hospital supplies and medical products and distribution partner for "Chitoskin", a German direct marketing company that will use Sangui products as part of a new line of cosmetic products, and Mercatura Biocosmetics AG, selling Sangui's anti-aging formulation as part of its "Wunderkind" range.