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noun businessperson, chandler, dealer, distributer, distributor, entrepreneur, handler, hawker, huckster, mercator, merchandiser, middleman, monger, peddler, retailer, salesperson, seller, shopkeeper, shopman, storekeeper, trader, vendor
Foreign phrases: Jus accrescendi inter mercatores, pro beneficio commercii, locum non habet.The right of surrivorship does not exist between merchants for the benefit of commerce.
See also: dealer, supplier, vendor

LAW, MERCHANT. A system of customs acknowledged and taken notice of by all commercial nations; and those customs constitute a part of the general law of the land; and being a part of that law their existence cannot be proved by witnesses, but the judges are bound to take notice of them ex officio. See Beawes' Lex Mercatoria Rediviva; Caines' Lex Mercatoria Americana; Com. Dig. Merchant, D; Chit. Comm. Law; Pardess. Droit Commercial; Collection des Lois Maritimes anterieure au dix hutiŠme siŠcle, par Dupin; Capmany, Costumbres Maritimas; II Consolato del Mare; Us et Coutumes de la Mer; Piantandia, Della Giurisprudenze Maritina Commerciale, Antica e Moderna; Valin, Commentaire sur l'Ordonnance de la Marine, du Mois d'Aout, 1681; Boulay-Paty, Dr. Comm.; Boucher, Institutions au Droit Maritime.

MERCHANT. One whose business it is to buy and sell merchandise; this applies to all persons who habitually trade in merchandise. 1 Watts & S. 469; 2 Salk. 445.
     2. In another sense, it signifies a person who owns ships, and trades, by means of them, with foreign nations, or with the different States of the United States; these are known by the name of shipping merchants. Com. Dig. Merchant, A; Dyer, R. 279 b; Bac. Ab. h.t.
     3. According to an old authority, there are four species of merchants, namely, merchant adventurers, merchant dormant, merchant travellers, and merchant residents. 2 Brownl. 99. Vide, generally, 9 Salk. R. 445; Bac. Ab. h.t.; Com. Dig. h.t.; 1 Bl. Com. 75, 260; 1 Pard. Dr. Com. n. 78

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One way credit card companies are protecting their cardholders is by requiring them to provide online merchants with additional information such as their mother's maiden name.
Born Ismail Noormohammed Adu Rehman, Merchant grew up in a devout Muslim home in Bombay (now Mumbai) and was fascinated with that city's film industry.
The merchant sends the customer identifier to Paymentech, and in turn, Paymentech links the identifier to the customer's billing information and processes the transaction.
Even though Merchant, who recognized later what he said might have been lost in the translation, apologized on the air twice and told De La Hoya's people he was sorry when that really wasn't necessary.
These merchant banks buy properties directly and act as the managing partner.
Among these were the diversification of elite family enterprise into the ownership of rural estates as well as urban property, a certain tendency toward endogamy in merchant marriages, strategies (not always successful, admittedly) for the preservation of merchant family wealth and status, a marked impulse to purchase or otherwise gain access to political office, and a drive to attain the uppermost rungs of the social ladder nonetheless blocked to all but a few merchants by the taint of trade.
In September 2006, they completed the acquisition of a merchant portfolio from BA Merchant Services, the merchant-processing business of Bank of America N.
In addition, the company provides the NexCommerce Payment service, an adaptable merchant account solution that comes with 24-hour technical customer support via phone and e-mail.
To qualify for an incentive payment, acquirers of Level 1 and 2 merchants who have validated full compliance with the PCI DSS by March 31, 2007 will be eligible to receive a one-time payment for each qualifying merchant.
SingleFeed checks the feed for errors, walks the merchant through any errors to make changes, manually categorizes the products in the feed, and then submits and automatically re-submits the data feed to the selected shopping comparison engines.
This week, the company unveiled an expanded merchant referral program - unique to the offshore eCommerce industry - in its Partner Protection feature, which enables agents to better manage their merchant relationships, and assists with preventing them from losing merchants via circumvention.
As a result of the transaction, NPC will now represent the combined operations of the assets acquired from BA Merchant Services and Retriever Payment Systems ("Retriever"), which had been the sole operating subsidiary of ITPS.