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Mercifully even this plane managed a safe landing despite all necessary preparations for an anticipated disastrous landing.
Mercifully, one member of the Blues staff ushered me to a more inoffensive part of the coach before David Moyes boarded.
Calamity Kate's creation had more than a whiff of Geri Halliwell's infamous Union Jack mini-skirted outfit, but mercifully she chose an ankle-skimming maxi dress.
Mercifully no one got hurt but the risk was very high and your irresponsible driving was no doubt caused by the fact you were under the influence of cannabis.
Case in point were headliners Skies Fell who throughout their mercifully short set did nothing to suggest a bright future lies ahead.
A Well, barbecuing as such isn't against the law, Clive, but its consequences could be - although that is mercifully rare.
Though the pace slowed slightly, the score would have easily risen past a century by the close had referee Phil Connett not shown pity on the visitors by mercifully blowing up 12 minutes ahead of time.
And mercifully, he didn't try the same trick on Geri Halliwell, who turned up in a glitzy gold gown to the Odeon in Leicester Square.
Mercifully, they did leave me enough for one last dirty martini and truth be told, the made-in-America stuff took the edge off exactly the way I needed.
The author is an enthusiastic collector of these horrible albums and suffers for his readers as he outlines each album's story from its earliest concept stages to its life in stores, which is usually mercifully short.
Harvey (who mercifully did not break into song as this picture suggests) insists he does not need rehab to recover from the recent performance of the property market
Newt Gingrich, the professional blowhard who was once speaker of the House, mercifully put an end to speculation earlier this month about a possible presidential candidacy by finally announcing that he wasn't, after all, going to run for the big job.