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So why don't we see millions of varicolored butterflies filling the skies to herald hope for life for others at the expense of sacrificing their lives in the oases of hope that appear suddenly out of nowhere in this country which has turned into a wasteland of mercilessness, death, bloodshed and tyranny?
The likes of former US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld was notorious for his targeting of Sunni tribes and mercilessness with any community that in any way supported or tolerated the resistance.
Martin's indignant thirst for justice confronts resolute injustice, and Philo-mena's inconceivable depth of mercy comes face-to-face with unflinching mercilessness.
Similarly, in the second example, the manuscript draws attention to Geffray's mercilessness and ruthlessness as he looks upon his uncle's broken body.
In Epode 17 Canidia's mercilessness is compared to the ferociousness of wild dogs tearing Hector's corpse apart.
This, however, is not how they would want things to be, and for that reason it is so cruel, heartless, un-Christian, and offensive to the name of Jesus when those with great possessions appeal to this saying of our Savior in their mercilessness.
Delhi gang rape and murder case of medical student was one of the most mercilessness examples of crime against women in the world.
This mercilessness is not the mark of a great prime minister, or a justification for untempered eulogising in parliament, of for a state funeral in all but name, or a statue on a plinth in Trafalgar Square.
Wales, when they get their noses in front, must show a mercilessness characteristic of the All Blacks and look to pile up the points.
The Hindus must bundle in a corner their glorious religion of non-violence and organize their society from today until they are able to present before the oppressors and hooligans their Indian prototype who will give blow for blow with equal mercilessness.
Policies and practices driven by mercilessness improve nothing--neither the criminal nor American society.
She also pointed out that regimes that deprive their peoples their priori rights and count on mercilessness security apparatus to impose their wills are destined to fail on the long run".