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I've always loved mercurial wingers and here, in chronological order, are my favourite five at Cardiff City over the past fifty years or so with a game selected which saw them at their very best.
Another year in the Premier League has helped mature this mercurial Frenchman whose displays have won games for Arsenal.
Ronaldo's signature CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II represents the first time the print has been applied to performance football footwear.
As it turns out, seeing things from the viewpoint of a small, fast, mercurial creature is even more jarring when you're lying flat on your back (and just try taking notes that way).
THIERRY HENRY is hoping to leave Middlesbrough trailing in his wake with his new Nike Mercurial Vapor III boots.
6: "Plutonian Ode," a mercurial score that's nearly an hour long.
Since then, Fischer--always known for his mercurial temperament and abundant eccentricities--has become notorious for anti-American diatribes and anti-Semitic outbursts--the latter being particularly odd, given his Jewish background.
not the dreary Golding's lesson in civic virtue, but the mercurial Quicksilver's lesson in credit-maintenance and money-marketeering.
Lincoln became known as much for her fashion sense as her mercurial temperament and place in history.
to better grasp the mercurial character, paradoxical aspects, and overlapping dimensions of social experience" (p.
Mercurial foliage A study discovered that fallen leaves that collect in stagnant water can release toxic mercury, which can eventually accumulate in fish far downstream (161: 148).
In the face of recent stock market declines, "the property sector is regaining a large measure of its reputation as a reliable, less mercurial, bond plus investment"