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Guillaume Merere, planning manager at Oman's Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW), said the investment will partly go towards the development of new networks to serve green-field areas being added to the water grid, while the balance will be used to finance the cost of renewing old transmission and distribution infrastructure.
The total length of the distribution networks following the investments is expected to grow three-fold to 30,000km by the year 2040, according to Merere.
Guillaume Merere, Planning Manager, said the investment will partly go towards expanding the network to serve new areas, while the balance will finance the renewal of older transmission and distribution infrastructure, the Oman Daily Observer reports.
Spending on new water infrastructure is envisaged at the rate of around OMR150mn annually over the initial 10-15 years of the tenure of the master-plan, Merere told delegates at last week's Oman Energy and Water Forum 2015.
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