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The pre sence of Lovenula falcifera and Metadiaptomus meridianus was expected as they are known to co-occur; and together with Daphnia carinata.
Saccostrea echinata No Apicomplexa Heart apicomplexan Pinctada maxima No Perkinsus olseni Barbatia helblingii No Isognomon isognomum No Malleus meridianus No Pinctada albina No Pinna deltoides No Saccostrea cucullata No Saccostrea glomerata No Septifer bilocularis No Spondylus sp.
Proceeding with due circumspection, Huxley retraces to the onset of "romanticism" the "triumph of the daemon meridianus," "the progress" of a medieval "deadly sin" to the status of "a literary virtue, a spiritual mode," "an essentially lyrical emotion fruitful in the inspiration of much of the most characteristic modern literature" (1971, 21, 22).