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The choice of the 2010 New Realities winners, such as Teatro Meridional, also raised several question marks regarding the jury, the selection and the process of submission.
2004, Collapse and rapid resumption of Atlantic meridional circulation linked to deglacial climate changes: Nature, v.
The combination of the meridional flow and the lifting and twisting of magnetic fields near the bottom of the convection zone generates the observed symmetry of the sun's global field with respect to the solar equator.
As already stated, no longitude difference was expected, while latitude differences were converted immediately into millimetres using the meridional radius of curvature from GRS80.
However the meridional curvature of outer surface is of variable geometry, which is obtained by Spline curve method
The average meridional component is comparable with the zonal component at surface stations, but is systematically less at 850 hPa, where its value is the largest in March (1.
The most intense events, known as Nortes, are associated with intense winds over the Gulf of Tehuantepec, due to a strong meridional pressure gradient between the low pressure of the northeastern Pacific and the high pressure of the midlatitude wave.
The meridionally running valley changes its course and trends NE-NW, regaining thereafter its meridional direction (Fig.
In answer to Jim Jones' question, it has been well established that the main driving force behind the meridional circulation of the North Atlantic conveyor belt, with ultimate worldwide impacts, is the descent of cold high-density saline water into the abyssal ocean at high northern latitudes.
The conveyor, technically known as the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (MOC), carries warm shallow water into northern latitudes and returns cold deep water southwards across the equator.
In The Denial of St Peter (Metropolitan, 1610), the saint, with eyes suspiciously unfocussed, and fists pressed against his pudgy chest in a meridional gesture of innocence, rejects and simultaneously regrets his rejection of the lippy blabbings of a serving maid as she accuses him to a soldier.