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This partnership with Medical Justice will add enormous value to our locum tenens physicians as well as our clients employing these physicians, safeguarding their money and reputations from meritless legal threats," said R.
If plaintiffs' lawyers were not able to use the threat of joint and several liability to compel innocent defendants to settle meritless cases, they would have to focus all of their efforts on meritorious claims.
This, sponsors say, would eliminate abusive, meritless litigation associated with securities fraud.
QUALCOMM is gratified that the Court has found Whale's sensationalist and inflated claims to be meritless," said Bill Sailer, senior vice president and legal counsel at QUALCOMM.
HUOH maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding meritless claims.
In response, the club lawyers said the complaint - recently revised for the third time - was ``littered with scurrilous and verifiably false allegations'' and ``contains all the indicia of a meritless lawsuit filed for the purpose of harassment.
The suit against Harris Bank is meritless and will be vigorously defended.
Although the street in question was renovated and restriped after the incident, Chick noted that the financially strapped city is liable for similar lawsuits in the future based on equally meritless claims.
For too long entrepreneurs have been giving up valuable time and resources which should have been going to creating more jobs and discovering more products to fight meritless lawsuits based on highly speculative and scanty evidence.
Kindred believes that Ventas' position is a meritless ploy designed to obtain materials to which Ventas has no entitlement, so as to afford Ventas an unfair advantage in the rent reset process.
WASHINGTON, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Growth in the number of securities law class action suits and the aggregate amount of pending suits at the end of 1993 totaling nearly $29 billion, many of them meritless, illustrate current rules provide an incentive to litigate and reflects a breakdown in the private securities litigation system, Marc E.