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Band of Merrymakers will perform throughout the holiday season on TV including The Today Show and The Hollywood Christmas Parade.
The couple married at Grangetown Methodist Chapel on July 16, 1955, the same church where they met as teenagers at the Merrymakers youth club.
Soon the streets became narrower and the merrymakers dropped away.
e Mile is no quieter at night when ghost tours criss-cross the narrow lanes where grave robbers Burke and Hare once sold their wares, while merrymakers hop from pub to bar along the historic street.
But this very peaceful atmosphere is disturbed by some revellers and merrymakers at night in front of some 24-hour groceries, most of them situated in residential areas underneath residential apartments.
Braving the chilling weather conditions, merrymakers hit the city roads as the clock ticktocked past midnight, ringing in 2015 with aerial firing and boisterous celebrations.
Each year, the holiday season brings gridlock to cities across the country as shoppers and merrymakers arrive.
King Memorandum The Great will be back, awash on a sea of floats and surrounded by his fleet of masked merrymakers.
That makes up a round dozen of Yuletide merrymakers.
The Drum and Monkey in Upton-On-Severn, where over-festive merrymakers might sleep over in the special drunk tanks.
Amos points out that the ruin of Jacob left the merrymakers apathetic.
The officer, who was speaking to journalists at the premises of the ministry of interior, said that more police would also be deployed on the Nile and other rivers "to ensure the safety of merrymakers who will patronise the shores during this period.