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That makes up a round dozen of Yuletide merrymakers.
The Drum and Monkey in Upton-On-Severn, where over-festive merrymakers might sleep over in the special drunk tanks.
Amos points out that the ruin of Jacob left the merrymakers apathetic.
The officer, who was speaking to journalists at the premises of the ministry of interior, said that more police would also be deployed on the Nile and other rivers "to ensure the safety of merrymakers who will patronise the shores during this period.
With clothes drenched in myriad hues, merrymakers thronged lanes and narrow alleys to celebrate the festival of colours, giving a go-by to old squabbles and distributed traditional sweets.
Pole dancing parties are among the most-requested fitness parties, and the merrymakers are overwhelmingly young women in their 20s and 30s.
Revelers, dancers, merrymakers and musicians stroll in colorful and mythical costumes and masks tossing the colorful beads and other 'throws' in the parade.
The artists of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist generation that Duncan most admires depicted both cosmopolitan and bohemian worlds: their subjects were the circuses and music halls, cafes and theaters, sidewalks, streets, and squares of Paris, where poets and the literati and the merrymakers of all classes intermingled, and where musicians, painters, sculptors, and dancers talked about life and then returned to their studios to compose, to represent, and to choreograph their respective images of life.
The quaint harbor of Weymouth bobs merrily with fishing boats, and, downtown, Hope Square and Brewers Quay bustle with shoppers and merrymakers.
At her home in Mayfair, Madonna threw an after party with good friends Stella McCartney and George Michael along with other merrymakers.
Prince Muhammad acknowledged their cheers and jubilation by waving back at the merrymakers.