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With October 3 a national holiday, the 2016 edition will be 17 days long with loads of food, drinks and merrymaking.
The three days of merrymaking featured live music, sex toy stalls and hot tubs.
According to earlier police report, the PTI activists overnight burst into merrymaking in Nowsheras Pabbi Bazaar to celebrate their party's win in the local bodies elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
After all the merrymaking, a good pampering is perfect for rejuvenation.
Merrymaking and gift-giving ideas will help you get into the spirit.
A pre-Buddhist rain ceremony, it is accompanied by music, dance, folk theatre, processions and general merrymaking.
This was supposed to augur good luck for the rest of the year and would be accompanied by much singing, dancing and general merrymaking.
Summary: Revelers across the capital came together New Year's Eve for a night of merrymaking, defying speculation that the city might tone down its festivities in light of the car bomb targeting Downtown Beirut Friday.
With Merrymaking At My Place and that stuff in 2007, 2008, I didn't think it would ever be released.
In fact, he would go on to make a mockery of his position by his publicised merrymaking, fronted by his lust for vodka and women.
Carnival, a season of merrymaking and self-indulgence, precedes Lent, a period of fasting and penitence--restraint and self-abnegation--in preparation for Easter, when Christ was resurrected after being crucified.
The solstice, like many pagan festivals, was adopted and adapted by Christian religion and celebrated on St John''s Eve with the lighting of bonfires, feasting and merrymaking.