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One of the top new features of Moldflow's enhanced 3D simulation include meshing an insert together with the part and calculating its effect on shrinkage and warpage.
Both surface and volume meshing may be done in parallel and all aspects of load balancing are automatically managed by the software.
In the past, if you needed to change the thickness of any part of a Fusion model--to add a flow leader, for instance--you had to go back and change the original solid model outside of MPI and then rerun the Fusion meshing procedure.
s meshing will help enable MAYA Heat Transfer to develop leading edge software for thermal and fluid flow analyses.
Materialise's triangular meshing technology provides powerful geometry conditioning tools that have been used in Rapid Prototyping (RP) successfully for years.
The Simulation Application Suite provides a full range of CAD data access, attribute management, advanced meshing and powerful display capabilities, providing an excellent environment for a common CAD integrated infrastructure for in-house codes as well as vertical simulation applications that need to support complex physics.
MPI/3D Meshing Enhancements - MPI/3D meshes can now be generated up to 20-50% faster while using 10-40% less memory.