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The difference between the two appliances is that two rests or stops are located on the mesial surface of the upper and lower first permanent molars in the Farmand appliance.
2004] found that the presence of distal caries in second primary molars increased the risk of developing mesial surface caries in the proximal first permanent molars.
On Intraoral examination diffuse swelling was seen in relation to 34, 35, 36, 37 region obliterating the buccal vestibule extending antero-posteriorlly from mesial surface of 33 to distal surface of 37 and superior-inferiorly from cervical region of 34 to vestibule.
A full thickness flap was raised from mesial surface of the first molar to distal surface of the second molar under local anesthesia (Fig.
Right paramere: moderately short, spoon-shaped, mesial surface excavated; broad, of uniform width over most of length, with small sclerotized apical process.