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The lateral cusps diverge mesially or distally from the central axis of the crown.
lindigiana); and the apex outline is nearly oblong in distal view, with the latero-cephalic expanded into triangular projection and forming a cephalo-mesial angle of 90[degrees] with prominent acute spine, directed mesially (it is semicircular, forming caudo-cephalic rounded expansion with acute cephalic spine in N.
Vertical, complete laminar bony connection mesially to the eye between frontal, dorsally, and parasphenoid, ventrally.
6D) broadly fused mesially but with trace of median notch on anterior surface; separation of cornea and eye-stalk unclear; no papilla-like tubercle on eye-stalk.
The lingual face exhibits medial convexity, but is concave mesially and distally.
Second gonopod longer than first, bent mesially in form of question mark (Fig.
Each maxillule [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4C OMITTED] has a three-segmented endopodite located distolaterally; a large, toothed, mesially directed basal endite; and a smaller setose coxal endite that is also mesially directed.
Similarily, the occlusal surface of P3 is angled mesially, whereas that of P4 is angled distally.
Mesially the lateral gulars as well as the mandibles are separated by a wide gap due to post mortem deformation.
The present case mentioned here is of a mesially inclined lower second molar which is treated with the help of an uprighting spring made of 17 x 25 TMA wire.
Maxillary right first molar was moved mesially by applying 10 cN force using closed coil spring.
Following early loss of a primary molar, adjacent molars migrate mesially, while canines drift distally,