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The mess sergeant fled out into the darkness and returned with two troopers and a corporal, all very much perplexed.
So you brought him into mess instead of handing him over to the sergeant
The mess was left alone with the carbine-thief, who laid his head on the table and wept bitterly, hopelessly, and inconsolably as little children weep.
he said, and every soul in the mess rose to his feet.
He rose from his chair and inspected a picture on the wall, then moved on to another picture, the mess watching him without a word.
You could have heard the hearts of the mess beating as the men drew back to give the stranger full room in his wanderings.
Half the mess tore the thing down from its place and thrust it into the man's hands.
He came over as he was, and the "Shikarris" shouted till the Gunners' Mess sent over to know if they might have a share of the fun.
The Regimental Sergeant-Major looked wearily across the Sergeants' Mess tent when the news was announced.
He also intended to write on many other matters which do not concern us, and doubtless would have done so but for the slight feverish headache which made him dull and unresponsive at mess.
You go on as if you were the whole Mess rolled into one.
said the Surgeon-Major, who had hastened over from the mess where he had been dining.